Welcome to the 2011 Parents’ Choice Holiday Guide.

For the children on your gift lists, we’re serving up suggestions sorted by age, by price, and by areas of interest. Throughout the next several weeks we’ll refresh the Parents’ Choice Holiday Guide with out-of-the box lists, ideas for alternative giving, a roundup of must-see holiday entertainment, and a few extra surprises sprinkled in along the way.

Chippy, our Ambassador to the Land of Learning New Things, gives us a taste of what it’s like to give kids not just things they want – but things that encourage kids to become what they want to be. A scientist, a fireman, an astronaut, an artist, or a scholar, toys and media can pave the way to a lifelong love of learning. And that’s a gift every child should receive.

On behalf of our over-the-top fabulous team at Parents’ Choice Holiday HQ (Ashley, Keri, Jackie and Jessica)  have fun, browse our guide, make your shopping quests a little easier – and a lot more rewarding.

Best wishes,




Claire S. Green
President, Parents’ Choice Foundation