Gifts for Creative Kids

Gifts for Creative Kids

Toys and activities for the creative kid of all ages. These gifts will have your kids making projects from beads, pins, balloons, and, of course, crayons.

Art-To-Go Deluxe
3 & up

What it is: An art set including high quality colored pencils, watercolors, oil pastels, and marker pens that will impress your future art star. Little details like a wood, not plastic, handle on the watercolor paintbrush make small hands feel grown up.

Why we like it: All of these supplies fit neatly into a compact travel case. Creating landscapes in the park and still life paintings at Grandma’s has never been easier.


Safety Pin Bracelets
8 & Up

What it is: Along with beads and dull-edged safety pins, the kit includes a book with several clever bracelet designs.
Why we like it: Crafty users can make peace sign, firework, and diamond patterned bracelets, and then use the pixelated blank grids to plan their own designs. A gift that will let kids make gifts for their friends.

Crayola Jewelry Boutique 
6 & up

What it is: The Crayola Jewelry Boutique is a craft kit based on their popular Model Magic line of soft, quick-drying modeling clay. This particular set uses a hand-operated spinner to roll twisted pieces of clay into multi-colored beads. The beads can be mounted on the included jewelry elements (three pendants, five bracelet charms, and two sets of earrings) or pierced into stringable beads that can be dried on the bead rack. Several plastic gems are included, and they can be added before the beads harden. When beads are dry, they can be polished with the slick bead glaze and constructed into more elaborate jewelry

Why we like it: The results are cheerful and chunky, and nearly as pretty as the picture on the box, a surprisingly rare feat in craft kits!

My Ribbon Barrette MakerMy Ribbon Barrette Maker
6 & up


What it is: A tool and supplies for making ribbon-adorned hair barrettes.

Why we like it: In the space of a few days, a child can make many barrettes in all different colors, complete with dangly ribbons and beads. The toy’s appeal lasts even when the included supplies are gone, and testers requested more barrettes and ribbons so that they could continue playing.


Balloon Hats
Ages: 5 & up

What it is: A kit including instructions, a pump, and balloons for creating airy hats
Why we like it: Once you’ve gotten used to inflating and twisting the long balloons, this balloon hat kit can serve as a birthday party in a box.


makedo Cup Critters
4 to 11 years

What it is: Each kit comes with simple instructions and parts for making adorable critters from coffee cups. Made from 100% recyclable nylon and cardboard, the 33+ parts are reusable for future coffee cup Makedo-overs.

Why we like it: Whether kids choose to make a bird, a cow, a creature from outer space or under the sea, this kit serves up far more than sixteen ounces of fun.

Fashion Origami
6 & up

What it is: A kit perfect for a tween with an interest in origami, this set offers instruction for making a suit, dress, shoes, underwear, and more.
Why we like it: It’s a great way to explore the art of paper folding, especially if you’ve already mastered the basic origami frog. Plus the finished clothes make great party favors, ornaments, or wrapping decorations.


Recycled Cardboard Zoo
4 & Up

What it is: This is a great activity for the whole family to do together on a rainy day. From the fuzzy zebras to the life-like aquarium, this zoo will keep your little animals busy for hours.
Why we like it: For a family who loves to color and create, this set is a dream come true. Our little architect was in charge of putting together the animals’ habitats, our artists colored, and our designers put it all together. There is something for everyone in the Recycled Cardboard Zoo.